Horizontal Spreaders



Due to the total integrated hydraulic system and the unique body and beater system design, the Harsh unit can be easily covered to haul other commodities. This unit is designed to haul silage and is operated in conjunction with a pup trailer equipped with a Harsh RL-J100 hoist.

Compare These Features

  • Wider, Deeper Body - Yields More Capacity Per Foot (30 cu.ft/ft of box length)
  • Shorter Body - 15.5', 17.5', & 19.5', Drastically Improved Turning Radius
  • 10 Gauge Sides and 3/16' Bottom -Increased Live and Durability
  • PVC Lined Floor - Less Friction, Better Clean-out, and FREEZE RESISTANT
  • Tubular Mainframe and Uprights - Superior Strength and Flexibility
  • Hydraulic Drive - Easily Controlled Floor Chain Speed
  • Triple Beater System - Finer, More Even Spread, Better Breakup, and Reversible AR Cutter Blades
  • Triple Floor Chain - Fast, Even Unloading
  • Slop Gate - Reduces Spillage, Stops Discolored Roadways

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