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- Portable Mini-Spectral-Photometer for Colour-Measurements of Fruit and Vegetables



HortiCol - the Colour-Measurement System consisting of Portable Mini-Spectral-Photometer for colour-measurements at fruit and vegetables incl. Horticol-Software for evaluation of colours with your pre-defined classes. Measurement field 3.5mm², measurment time: 2 sec, Spectral range: 280..730nm in 10nm intervals. Minimum requirements: USB 1.1, Windows 7. Ready to work with our data-bases (Fruitsoft/ART-Soft).

quick test - non-destructive - easy to use


Connect to your PC or Notebook via USB.

Do a spot measurement on your fruit or on juice dropped on filter paper to measure the color just by closing the adapter.

Result shown in Horticol is: L A B dE.

  • Spectral range: 380 – 730nm
  • Optical resolution: 10nm
  • Illumination spot size: 3.5mm
  • Light source: gas filled tungsten


Horticol is able to average more then one measurement done on one fruit.

Horticol offers a tool to define your own color classes. Give them a name like ripe blue, overripe blue, unripe blue or what ever you like

Horticol correlates your measurements to stored color classes which gives you the option to do statistics on your data batches.


Horticol data are passed through automatically to Fruitsoft Database to combine your measured data with other measurements done like firmness or size and to metadata like sort/variety – supplier/farmer –plant – orchard – delivery-no. – picking date.

You can choose which data from Horticol will be stored in the database.

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