- Rope & Tomato Hooks

We have high quality Elite rope standard in stock. This rope is available in different running lengths and colours. Therefore, suitable for any type of cultivation!!. Apart from synthetic rope, we can also supply you with various types of degradable rope. Cucumber production for example, often uses 3 or 4 thread jute rope. For tomato production we have Vertomil or Wellink rope. Vertomil mainly consists of viscose. One single jute thread is twisted in with these viscose threads. This provides more grip for accessories such as tomato clips. Viscose on its own is too smooth for this. Conversely, Wellink tomato rope is made of natural products: cotton and viscose.

Tomato hooks come in 2 sizes, 18 and 22 cm. These hooks can be wrapped in rope of various different lengths and colours. As standard we wrap the hooks to the right using high quality Elite rope.
You can order these hooks from us both with as well as without free fall. We deliver the free fall hooks in two different ways: 
* with the free fall lying per layer on the hooks;
* with the free fall bundled on top in the box.
You can achieve major labour savings with both sorts when hanging the hooks.

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