- Gravity Powered or Low Pressure Drip Irrigation System



HortoKIT is a specially designed system for small gardens irrigation, even without pressure water sources. Its main feature is the possibility to make installations based on the drip irrigation technology totally powred by water force of gravity. The kit consists of a Brico Pipe reel and a Brico Aquadrop dripper line reel, with fittings and accessories that allow to make a complete drip irrigation system on flat or light slope surfaces of 250, 500 and 1000 square meters. The items in the kit are designed to be easily installed and durable i time, with instructions for “do it yourself installation and use.

  • HortoKit is the best solution for gravity powered or low pressure drip irrigation of small orchards.
  • This system is based on drip irrigation technology powered by water’ force of gravity or connected to water supply networks with max pressure of 1,0 bar.
  • The kit has been designed for “Do it yourself” irrigation systems; it’s easy to install and it allows to optimize water use, maximizing the quality and quantity of the crops.

  • Suitable for irrigation of all kind of vegetables or crops
  • Designed for irrigation of surfaces of 250, 500 and 1000 m2
  • Gravity powered with minimum pressure of 0,10 bar
  • Installation on flat grounds or on slight slopes ones
  • The kit includes all the accessories for system installation.

  • Linkable to water supply network with max pressure of 1,0 bar
  • Working with mechanical or electronic programmer
  • Extendable with modular kit of 100 m2

  • Aquadrop flat drip line  diam. 16 mm - dripper spacing 30 cm
  • Main pipe for water supply
  • 120 mesh screen filter - 130 micron
  • Complete accessories set for installation making
  • Various components
  • Spares parts for eventful repairs
  • Installation instructions with drawings

  • Reduction of water consumption of about 70%
  • Uniformity in the distribution of water and fertilizers
  • Plant nutrition directly to the root side
  • The installation is aimed for multi-season crops
  • Increased irrigation efficiency and crop growth
  • Fast and easy installation

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