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Hose Reel Irrigation Machine



Hose reel irrigation machine is a functional, user-friendly agricultural machine. Hose reel irrigation machine is an agricultural machine that provides ease of use with little labor, can easily adjust the amount of the irrigation water and its distribution over the area that will be irrigated and enables the whole equipment to be grinded easily after the application.

Water hoses, which can be reeled, of the hose reel irrigation machines can have diameter of 110 mm. Main machine consists of a polyethylene hose, a water turbine a transmission gear, an electronic control unit and frame unit. There are the options of a nozzle or a sprinkler gun carts for irrigation. A connection can be made from the machine to a water source with plastic hoses and it can be operated under a certain pressure. The operating speed of the water turbine on the machine can be adjusted by using the bypass valve system with the water from pump. Rotation speed of the reel can be adjusted with 4 different speed levels that are obtained through the transmission gear that is connected to the turbine shaft. With the solar panel that can charge battery on the machine, necessary power is provided for the operation of electronic control unit during the irrigations performed at night. As a precaution against abrasion and corrosion, all the components which contact water are galvanized. Reel that the hose is reeled to can be turned 90 degrees clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Also with the project design assistance that we provide, different soil and plant types can easily be irrigated, surface flow losses can be minimized and damages to plant and soil are prevented.

The need for less labor, easy adjustment of the quantity of irrigation water to be applied, easy removal of the equipment from the land after applicaion, irrigation of more than one field, good water distribution and ease of use are the fundamental properties of the hose reel irrigation machine.

Hose reel irrigation machines are an irrigation system with an outher diameter of Ø110 mm, with a plastic hose, a water turbine, a transmission gear and to the back of which a winged sprinkler system or an irrigation gun may be attached as desired.

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