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How To Start Moringa Project For Seed Oil Production

We are pursuing the unique suitability of all parts of the plant for a wide range of practical purposes ranging from agricultural to medicinal to fuel. Scientists at CJP have been engaged in research and development activities to reap its fullest potential since last decade. With years of continuing research, experiments and trials has provided an adage to find and develop sustainable agricultural development in arid and impoverished areas throughout the tropics and sub tropics globally. With experience, expertise, and technology for Moringa we can establish Moringa plantation for various purposes from ground zero to harvesting stage, Even a superior genotype variety planted in inadequate soil and improperly cared for, will be unable to reach its potential and will create dissatisfied stakeholders. Therefor, Just to formulate strategies for developing moringa failsafe farms to reap the potentiality of this crop for leaves and oil seeds, we should know

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