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- Model HP - Truck Unloading Auger



With the team of the GrainBag Loader and optional HP Truck Unloading Auger, loading and storing grain has never been easier or simpler. The low-profile design and easy to maneuver hydraulic mover makes positioning easy in all terrains, while the over-sized boot and super-charged main tube, allow for capacity of up to 12,000 bushels per hour, when bagging grain directly from hopper bottom trailers.

Hydraulic Wheel Mover

  • The rugged mover is designed for easy hopper positioning in all kinds of terrain.

Low Profile Hopper

  • Larger, self-leveling hopper has 83 inches of length, twin augers, and flat-free tires for versatile unloading in all operating conditions.

Heavy Duty Winch

  • The mechanical lift winch is strong, durable, and simple to use providing an easy transition from operating to transport position.

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