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Model HR - Hipper Rollers


The PMC Hipper Roller® aids planting operation and optimizes irrigation and drainage by configuring, preparing, and compacting seed beds and furrows. The uniformly shaped furrows between the elevated seed beds improve drainage and assist in irrigation. The PMC Hipper Roller can minimize the farmer's required trips over the field by doing two or more jobs in one operation. The Hipper Roller® can simultaneously prepare a seed bed, shape furrows, and form drainage or irrigation trenchs in a single pass over a given section of the field. The HR6 is not just for the farmer but for gardeners or sportsmen, too. The HR6 is perfect for gardens, re-planting small sections of fields, and open-field food plots for deer and other wildlife.

Standard Features

The PMC Hipper Roller® is available in nine 3pt models.
3pt Folding and Rigid Hipper Rollers®:                                                                            

  • 24' Diameter steel drums with 2 1/4' continuous steel                                           
    shaft and supports completely through the drum
  • Two heavy duty adjustable gauge wheels w/11L X 15 tires.
  • Adjustable drum scrapers w/1/2' X 1 1/2' hardened steel
    wear strip on bottom of the scraper
  • Two storage stands and drum anti-roll locking devices for storing
  • Two adjustable YETTER Markers
  • Cat 3/3N/4N

Optional Features

  • Furrow Assist Packages


'We are able to plant 300 plus acres a day of soybeans with our model HR32F hipper roller. Time is money for our farming operation, so we sold our 12 row bean planter, due to the PMC folding hipper roller. The HR32F does a good job for furrow irrigation, which is a must for us.'

Ronnie Hackelton, Hackelton Farms, Carlisle, AR

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