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The HRS BP Series piston pumps are hydraulically operated positive displacement pumps that transfers mechanical energy as pressure energy. It is of a completely hygienic design, and incorporates a separator fitted between the piston and the hydraulic chamber to ensure that there is no contact between the product chamber and the hydraulic oil. In addition, once the pump is in operation, no part which comes into contact with the oil, comes into contact with the product.

The hygienic design combined with a perfect response to CIP cleaning makes this pump so suited to food processing applications where product integrity and shape must be guaranteed, to maintain both appearance and nutritional quality. Hence it is specially suitable for pumping delicate and viscous fluids and products with particles (such as fruit dices, for instance) with a low shear rate.

Costing just one third of the price of its nearest competitor this pump range is manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel and designed for low maintenance. It has an adjustable flow, which can range from a minimum of 300 litres/hour to a maximum of 20,000 litres/hour, and features a high pressure drop of up to 30 bar.

The HRS Hygienic Piston Pump is capable of high working temperatures of up to 120°C and can operate both under vacuum or empty of product. In addition to its delicate handling facility, this large capacity (up to 20 m³/hour) pump is also able to handle large particulates, due to its 4' inlet and outlet ports.

A hydraulic cylinder moves a double effect piston. This piston divides the pump housing into two chambers. Each chamber has one inlet and one outlet connection. These connections allow entry and exit of large pieces which can be pumped without being damaged. Contact between hydraulic oil and the product is avoided as the pump's body and cylinder are separated.

The piston pump is very useful in food industry where pumping of delicate foodstuffs can be a problem. The unique design is very economic on spare parts and does not contaminate the product. Very high pressures can be achieved. The piston pump can be used in any industry where high pressure drops, high viscosity and maintaining product integrity is crucial. The use of clap valves allows pumping of whole fruit, diced fruit and vegetables.

The hydraulic cylinder is connected to a separate hydraulic power unit which gives the advantage that the pump can be located anywhere in the installation with the hydraulic power unit located remotely.

For low pressure applications a special version of the pump can be made available which works with a pneumatic piston. In this case the pump does not need a hydraulic power pack but cannot be connected directly to a compressed air system.

The piston pump is designed to operate in a wide range of applications due to the following features:

  • It is able to pump products with particles (particulates) that are sensitive to shear stress (low shear rate).
  • It is able to pump whole fruits and vegetables, slices and diced fruit.
  • It has a hygienic design.
  • It CIP cleans effectively.
  • Standard design temperature: 120°C.
  • It can work under vacuum.
  • It can pump up to very high pressures (30 bar maximum).


  • High viscosity fluids.
  • Shear sensitive fluids.
  • (Aseptic) food applications.
  • Fluids with large particles.
  • Industrial applications.


  • Product wetted components: AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Non product wetted components: AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Cylinder: carbon steel anti corrosive coating.


  • External surfaces polished.
  • Internal sufaces (product wetted parts): roughness < 0,5 microns.


  • Protein industry (meat): Cooking/cooling viscera, Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM) up to 0ºC (32ºF), chicken pieces, taco stuffing, minced beef, pork meat, thermal treatment for blood, fish paste, pet food, minced fruits peel, emulsified fat and water, concentration of meat wastes, concentration of viscera and sub products, concentration of waste and slurries, liquid ice (freezing slushy brine).
  • Beverages: Coffee extract, tea extract, sugar concentrate, iced beer, wine, slush-freezing orange juice, juice concentrate with pulp and fibres (mango, apple, cherry, strawberry, cranberry, grape fruit, tropical fruit), aseptic nectar filling, concentration of yeast extract, malt extract, wort.
  • Prepared fruits and vegetables: Juice concentrate with pulp and fibres, fruit mash, fruit purees, tomato products, fried vegetables (onions, garlic, etc), pickles relish.
  • Convenience food: Scrambled eggs, baby food, tomato based products; ketchup, pizza sauce, pasta sauce (ragu), mayonnaise, fruit preparation, gravies, sauces, salad dressing, spreads, soup with or without particulate, flavouring concentrates, mashed potatoes, starch paste, mashed corn, fried beans, fats and oils.
  • Sauces and vegetables for catering.
  • Bakery and confectionery: Chocolate, pie fruit filling, glazed and bakery creams toppings, cream filling, sweets, peanut butter, syrups, gelatine, fruit preparations, marmalade, jelly, fudge, cookie slurry, nuts paste, liquid bread, yeast slurry, starch, jams and preserves, lard, butter and margarine.
  • Dairy: Cheese sauce, butter, margarine, non dairy products, yogurt with fruit, cheese creams and cheese-derived products, condensed milk, ice creams, skimmed milk, dairy desserts with or without particulate, rice pudding, flavoured puddings, custard, whey concentrate.
  • Pharmaceutical: Ointment, lotions, emulsions, antibiotics, blood plasma, protein gelatine solutions and vitamin.
  • Personal care: Face masks, lotions, emulsions, gels, hand and body creams.
  • Environment: Chemical wastes concentration, animal manure, agricultural wastes, and petrochemical wastes.

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