Model HSM 405 H1 6WD - Harvester



At first glance, there is not much to distinguish the 405H1 HSM harvester from its big brother, the H2. Why move away from a tried and tested configuration? On closer inspection, however, the 405H1 reveals itself to be an effective harvester for thinning forests with thin to medium trunk trees. Its profile, tailored to maximum performance, is characterised by the highly productive and lightweight 453 harvester head from CTL, the L181 harvester crane from Loglift as well as fantastic speed, 700/45 22.5 tyres, a pulling force of 140kN and an overall weight of 17,000kg. The H1 has won many friends since its launch and will also impress you.

Here are the basic technical details of our power pack: engine 260kW / 1560Nm - hydraulics 536l/min at 1600rpm - steering angle 52° - Loglift L280 V110 crane with 280kNm lift torque - 195kNm pulling force. As an 8-wheeler or 6-wheeler with tilting comfort cab for ergonomic work and 800 sized tyres on balanced bogie axles, nothing stands in the way of efficient, environmentally-friendly operations in an optimised work environment. The HSM 405H3 is rounded off with harvester heads from Waratah or Logmax, which are designed for harvesting thick trunk timber.

The HSM 405H3 - at home with thick trunk timber.

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