Magnum Spreaders

Model HST and DLX - Insert Hopper Spreaders



Magnum broke the mold with its new HST and DLX insert hopper spreader. Not only did we design the DLX with an integrated pre-wetting system, both models feature a delivery system designed to save you time and money. What that means is you spend less time spreading, use less material and increase your bottom line.

  • Fits ¾-ton pick-up trucks
  • DLX Model includes integrated pre-wetting system in the side of the hopper
  • No-tools, easy maintenance spinner assembly
  • Full-width hopper reduces material spillage into vehicle bed to prevent corrosion
  • Two-year warranty

  • Width: 70 inches- 70 inches
  • Length: 93.5 inches-117.5 inches
  • Height: 37 inches-37 inches
  • Weight: 510 lbs./530 lbs. (DLX)-625 lbs./650 lbs.
  • Capacity: 1.5 cubic yards**- 2.0 cubic yards**
  • Spread Width: 40 feet*-40 feet*

Performance Advantages

  • Patent Pending Tapered
  • Inverted V: Evenly routes the material to the auger drive, from the back of the hopper forward.
  • Independently Controlled Spinner: Manages material output to help reduce consumption and lets you precisely spread the material where you need it.
  • Heavy-duty Vibrator: Break up chunks and promotes an even distribution of material going into the auger drive.
  • Full-length Auger: Smoothly and consistently empties the entire hopper, from the back forward.

Productivity Advantages

  • Integrated Pre-Wet System (DLX model only): The DLX model features an integrated pre-wet system that helps speed up the melting process and reduces how far the granules bounce when they hit the pavement. The result is you use less material and less application time.
  • Material Delivery System: Is designed to efficiently and consistently deliver the proper amount of ice-melt material when and where you need it.
  • Spinner Assembly: Requires no tools for removal or maintenance.
  • Auger Assembly: Can easily be removed for maintenance or inspection.
  • Rear Cover: Protects auger motor from salt and debris.
  • Low-friction Poly Bearing: Requires no lubrication or tools to hold the auger in place.

Safety Advantages

  • Integrated Work Light: Illuminates spread area and helps in maintenance operations. LED light standard on DLX model, halogen light on HST model.
  • Recessed Lifting Pockets: Makes it easy to install or remove from the vehicle and can easily be placed upright for off-season storage.
  • Off-season Storage: Can be placed upright saving valuable storage space.
  • Built-in Tarp Hooks: Makes tarp installation and removal quicker and easier. Tarp comes standard on DLX model.

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