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Model HT - Shaver - Flat Bed (FB) Harvester


The HT - Shaver - FB (Flat Bed) harvester is designed for harvesting flat bed or field grown plants. As the engine protrudes out one side, the engine must be in a walkway or over the harvested area of the field. It can also be used on wide raised beds. Due to the frame layout it does not have enough clearance to travel over uncut crop so must be carried over these areas. Crops harvested include leafy salad plants and low growing herbs such at thyme. Also available as a self propelled model, and / or with 24v DC power to drive the cutter bar and belt (plus wheels in the case of the self propelled model)

  • Adjustable cutter height from ground level up to 80 mm

  • Engine driven industrial grade conveyor belt only drives when the engine is revved up

  • Holds 2 recrate 75 vege bins

  • Light weight frame zinc plated for durability

  • Easily used by one operator who can walk behind the harvester or offset in a wheel track

  • Cutting action controlled from operator’s position

  • Handlebar doubles as a tow bar so the harvester can be towed out to remote areas


  • Recrate collection bins in 45 or 75 sizes (download PDF of recrate sizes)

  • Holder for different bin sizes

  • Self propelled

  • 24vDC or full 24vDC powered models (no engine)

  • Cutting height (above bed): 10 mm (effectively ground level) to 80 mm

  • Cutting width: 1200 mm

  • Wheel track: 990 mm centre lines

  • Wheel drive: none

  • Belt speed: 19.5 m/min max

  • Weight, dry: 42 kg

  • Collecting bin / bag: recrate 45 or 75

  • Dimensions:

    • Ready to use: width = 1685 mm / length = 2380 mm

    • For Freighting (on pallet): 1650 mm (width) x 1705 mm (length) x 850 mm (height) = approx. 2.4 cu.m / approx. 80 kg

  • Engine:

    • Husqvarna Zenoah G23LH-EZ (used to be Komatsu Zenoah) 22.5cc air cooled 2-stroke gasoline engine

    • Fuel / oil mix 25:1

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