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Hull Deterrent (HD)


The hull deterrent (HD) creates uses the same range of deterring sounds as our US3 deterrent for fish farms to create a hull mounted deterrent for deterring marine predators from coming into conflict with fishing vessels. Using components tailored to your particular needs, such as deck control system, mains or battery operating, manual or automated controls, Ace Aquatec can offer its customers the most advanced deterrent device for avoiding predation on long fishing lines. The system can be employed in a range of applications including on the hulls of halibut, squid and other welfare friendly long line fishing vessels.

The system is an environmentally friendly device because it supports fishermen who use long line fishing as an alternative to trawling, while avoiding conflicts between fishermen and predators.  Our customers include many of the largest long line vessels in USA and Canada. Quotations are calculated depending on the size of the line being deployed and the type of predator.


The unique algorithms built into the HD control box allow user control over the sound varieties used to deter predators. Users can select dual or single sounds, randomized or specific frequencies, timings and volume. A robust and user friendly design allows intuitive set up and operation. The mitigating noise can be set to play continuously or can be calibrated to work with a multi beam sonar trigger targeting incoming predators.

  • Touchpad operation with backlit display
  • Warning beacon to attract attention when batteries are low
  • Warning light to alert user to faults
  • IP68 case fully submersible enclosure
  • Connections for 2x 12volt batteries, with automated recharging
  • Connection for Universal mains AC (90-260volt)
  • Fourth universal port for addons including multi beam high resolution imaging trigger, radio transmitter.
  • Full data logging up to one year of trigger statistics
  • Full data logging of faults and operational history
  • Manual or automated control over settings, such as sound varieties, timing, and volume
  • Manual calibration of the system’s initial volume for incremental start


Ace Aquatec has always striven to develop the most effective deterrent for reducing predation without negatively impacting other wildlife or harming the predator. Ace Aquatec received a SMART R&D award in 2013 to develop a responsive and responsible deterrent system. Our randomized algorithm was developed to avoid potential deafness in seals by avoiding continusous sound played in one frequency at loud volumes. In addition sonar triggers detect the approach of predators thereby reducing the amount of noise that can be heard by other wildlife including whales and porpoises. Low frequency transducers were developed as an alternative to reduce impact on cetaceans living near the fish farms. Electric nets have been designed to further deter predators which may suffer from natural deafness, and this avoids the tendency to ramp up volume and duration when such individuals are encountered.

Ace Aquatec strives to be a leader in the innovation of responsible technological solutions to predation. Our systems have been developed in extensive dialogue with environmental bodies and government organizations to create the best solution for farmers and wildlife.

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