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Humic Growth Solutions has developed Urea-Bond, a liquid product which bonds our Humic Acid 100% Soluble Powder as well as other powder products to Urea. This encapsulates the Urea and prevents nitrogen loss.


Nitrogen Losses From Urea
The first losses occur on the surface, immediately following application. The process of loss into the air is called volatilization. Volatilization occurs when urea comes in contact with moisture and urease, a naturally occurring enzyme in the soil, and crop residue that breaks down urea and releases it as ammonia into the air. As much as 35% of your nitrogen can be lost within days of application unless urea is encapsulated with Urea-Bond.

After the nitrogen moves into the soil with rainfall or irrigation, it can be lost in the soil over time through de-nitrification and leaching.

De-nitrification is a biological process where bacteria convert ammonium into other forms of nitrogen in a reduction reaction. These bacteria thrive in fields where oxygen is low due to high water content (anaerobic conditions). The resulting nitrogen loss ranges from 5-35% on average, but under high soil temperatures the loss can be far greater.

Leaching occurs when the nitrate form of nitrogen is washed out of the root zone and ends up beyond the reach of plants in the soil or in groundwater. Sandy soils are most susceptible to these losses as they have a less ability to hold water and nutrients. Leaching losses range from 0 to 20%

Our patent pending process of encapsulating urea prevents loss from developing after Urea is applied.

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