- Model NOUVEAU - For Bales and Piles



Moisture tester for materials in bale or pile (alfafa, sand, compost). This moisture tester measure material water content in bale or pile with an insertion probe of 60 cm length: cellulose insulation, hops bales, alfafa bales, sand, compost or substrate.

Application fields :

  • Building : eco-building
  • Biomass : food industry, bioenergy

Key functions
Moisture measurement at the core of the sample: Probe (resistivity/conductivity) up to 600mm deep
8-60% wet mass water content depending on the measured material, ±1%
Straw: bales (> 130kg/m³, 100-130kg/m³) and loose
Hay: bales (> 130kg/m³, 100-130kg/m³) and loose
Cellulose insulation (38–65kg/m³)
Special products
Two customisable calibrations
Temperature compensated moisture:
Temperature measurement at the core of the sample:
Data storage: Manual record (10,000)
Measurements and supplier’s data
PC connection:

User interface
LCD display:
Measures in °C or °F:
Menus language(s): English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian
Moisture measurement resolution: 0.1%
Temperature measurement resolution: 0.5°
Auto off: After 6 minutes

Physical specifications
Battery(s) (supplied): 4 x 1,5V (AA)
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm): 740 x 65 x 40
Weight (g): 450
Storage temperature: -20-60°C/-4-140°F
Protection (supplied): Wooden case
Electrical protection class: IP 40

Warranty: 2 years
Regulatory compliance: CE, calibration based on oven drying method (EN 14774)

Supplied accessory(ies)
Moisture meter protection cover , Moisture meter wooden case , Humitest software kit , Compression plate for bulk material

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