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The Hurricane is suitable for shallow stubble cultivation directly after harvesting and threshing, for deep soil cultivation to break dense soil horizons, for intense preparation of seedbeds and for mixing and spreading of fertilizer and harvest residues (organic mass). No matter if followed by a convential soil tillage with a plow or a non-turning tillage. The HURRICANE is a very compact and felxible universal cultivator that can effectivly be used on small and large fields. The optimal working speed to get the best mix result  is 8 – 12 km/h. Avoidung soil evaporation after harvesting is one of the most important tillage measure.

For shallow soil cultivation you should work from time to time also deeper in order to prevent compaction in small depth. The narrow line spacing of the HURRICANE ensures a working-through of the soil all over, combined with a very good mixing by working with more tines. Due to the special shape of the tines the traction resistance of the cultivator remains. A blocking of the many tines with the 4-beam tine arrangement with a wide beam spacing can be nearly excluded.

A variety of trailing appliances makes a universal machine out of the HURRICANE. Between the last tine row and the trailing appliance, the flat-steel levellers, inlay discs and star discs are offered. These tools are mounted on the frame of the trailing appliance, what gives the advantage that upon changing of the working depth there is most of the time no need to change the setting of the levellers / discs. For rocky soil, the HURRICANE is also offered with leaf-spring tine or Non-Stop spring set. For the HURRICANE XXL the NoStop overload protection is standard.

Attachable intercrop seeders can be found under 'seeding technology'.

  • Possible working depths:
  • Hurricane 2.60 m to 4.60 m Working width: 6 cm to 25 cm

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