Hinged Front Hybrid Brush Cutter



The Blue Diamond Hinged Deck Hybrid Brush Cutter gives you the best of both worlds. This unit has the safety of a closed front unit, and allows the deck to move up and out of the way when necessary to expose the blades for heavy brush cutting! The unit also features heavier deck reinforcements in multiple places, and a full front chain curtain to contain flying debris. It is available in low flow and high flow. This is the most versatile brush cutter on the market today! Cuts grass incredible yet when it comes to 6″ material there is no hesitation! Don’t limit yourself with a lesser quality brush cutter.

Features include:

  • 3.5″ forged one piece drive shaft supported by dual roller bearings packed in grease
  • external cross port relief valves and brake
  • extensive deck reinforcements
  • 4 double edged blades
  • 10″ deck clearance and drop down blades provides cleaner cutting

Features Include:

  • Direct drive
  • Flush bottom flywheel
  • Push bar
  • Wire/vine protection kit
  • Enclosed drive motor
  • 1/4' deck with extensive bracing
  • Raised back with chain curtain
  • 4 blades provide superior mulching
  • Bidirectional motor and blades
  • Cuts up to 5' material

  • Grass and pasture mowing
  • heavy brush cutting up to 6″ material

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