Hybrid Drill


Incredibly versatile, flexible and simple. Drill direct into stubble - min till - or plough. Over 13 years' development experience. The leading tine busts out compaction, puts air in the soil and creates drainage and tilth for the seeding zone. The seeding tine then creates more tilth and places the seed under the tilth at your chosen depth above the drainage channel

  • High clearance
  • Simple to set up, easy to use, very low maintence
  • Wearing parts cost under £2 per acre

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THE Claydon Hybrid Drill CONCEPT

Individually adjustable tungsten carbide front tine

Removes surface compaction, creates drainage and gives soil a chance to breathe. Choice of shearbolt or hydraulic stone protection.

1250L hopper

Adjustable seed level sensor and tramlining solenoids as standard.

Accord metering system & RDS Artemis electronics with VariRate seeding

  • Touch button calibration
  • Radar controlled
  • Variable seed rate capabilities

Quick release seeding tine options for different crops / conditions

  • 7 inch coulter
  • 5 inch coulter
  • 3 inch coulter
  • Bean knife
  • Twin Tine Kit

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