- Hook System


The light weight, market leading HyCover sheeting system is ideal for all types of hook loader and draw-bar trailer equipment to cover all sizes of open top containers from ground level.

The robust tower can raise up to 4.7m in height with the use of pneumatic cylinders, simply guide the sheet with the pull rope over any size of container and secure.  A preloaded spring retracting rollerbar will guide the sheet back into the housing when released to uncover. The tower is raised and lowered by an externally mounted safe feature control box.

  • Pneumatically powered
  • Covers all size open top containers
  • Powder coated, zinc & aluminium finish
  • Reliable, minimal maintenance

  • No additional width
  • Dual tower for additional stability
  • Fully assembled for easy install
  • Air powered tower – clean and easy to install/ maintain
  • Ratchet spring tensioner
  • Grooved rollerbar allows quick sheet changes
  • Reinforced sheet as standard - can include side flaps on request
  • Covers all size containers
  • Can be removed and refitted to new vehicles with relative ease
  • Remote controlled electric sheet option available.

Low cost method of sheeting hook bins to comply with modern site restrictions. Ideal for drawbar trailers.

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