- Concrete Counterweight System



Thanks to the constant development of technology applied to engines and the improvement of production techniques, farm tractors have seen a significant increase in their power to weight ratio. A definitely positive result. However, in many cases, when demand is high traction capacity, for example, working the soil, it is very important to properly ballasting the tractor so as to avoid excessive skidding and tire wear. The ability to easily manage the counterweights is becoming increasingly important, because it is often necessary to apply a large amount of weight in order to obtain an optimal yield from its tractor.

HYDRAC addresses these problems by weighting its range of masses of concrete, robust, flexible and easy to use. The principle is the right balance between several factors that make your tractor efficiently and productively. HYDRAC offers a full range of concrete ballast with 3-point hitch of 500 kg, 800 kg, 1,000 kg, 1,200 kg or 1,400 kg. HYDRAC provides weights that can be easily handled with 3-point hitch. This ensures no fatigue, exceptional maneuverability, speed of execution and maximum safety. HYDRAC ballast provides modern design and attention to details. All weights are made of reinforced concrete. Any pores are sealed and sanded before painting which makes the ballast smooth and glowing. HYDRAC produces a ballast designed with 3-point hitch of 1,200 kg to attach an additional tool. HYDRAC provides a ballast for the attack on the drawbar of the tractor 3-point rear 500 kg and 800 kg. Also available is a universal frame 3 point hitch for attaching the original weights of the leading manufacturers of tractors.

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