- Front End Loader Autolock



Hydrac Vitec Autolock is an entirely new generation of front-end loaders with high visibility. The great advantage of this line is the best weight-performance enabled by technology today. A time was reached using a cantilever, fine-grained steel, innovative and high strength. Elaborating the project to the computer, with the optimization of finite element method, has reached stability and light weight, low curb weights, greater reach and lift height. Moving forward in the horizontal beam reinforcement to the chassis has improved forward visibility on the tools combined with front-end loaders: High-Vision. In the various stages of design have been taken as a constant reference point to achieve a high standard of quality. The result? Frame with a modern design consisting of forged components at critical points, steel bushings to support the trunnions and ball joints in the hydraulic cylinders that provide high wear resistance.

Adaptive longitudinal reinforcing bar to the rear axle of the tractor. The hydraulic circuit is enhanced by the new Valve Technics with shear pressure. This system ensures maximum performance with operating pressure between 175 and 210 Bar. 210 Above Bar, generally caused by collisions with unexpected obstacles, the safety valve operates by saving the Parallel Guidance. The valve is fully protected by a guard. The hydraulic pipes run inside the frame well protected but easily accessible. They are sturdy and made of metal, heat sinks, maintain a constant temperature. Section tubes increased to 15 mm.: Greater lift capacity and high speed. The standard offers the decorations stickers in the color of his tractor. On request, the front loader can be supplied in the color of your tractor. 2K series of special paint. Wide range of personalization and tools to be applied to the front loader.

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