Mita Oleodinamica S.p.A.

Hydraulic and Electronic Power Lifter


The MITA hydraulic power lifts are available for tractors from 20 to 100 HP. The characteristics of its simplicity and the solidity and compactness of internal lever group and of the distributor command makes it possible to realize power lifts for special tractor such us for orchards, wineyards and crawler where space is contained and is of primary importance.

The MITA electronically controlled hydraulic power lift has been designed and produced to offer a high performance-ease of use and reliability, at a very fair price.The device is composed of an electronic control unit and a hydraulic power lift controlled by an electro-valve.It can be installed on board the tractor, in position complying with the manufacturer’s specification, in order to obtain a simple effortless use for the operator.

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