Hydraulic Cattle Chutes


Everything that our customers love about the innovative Pearson Chute now operates hydraulically.  Quality, strength, and simplicity are standards we use when making all of our products.  We have continued with our very successful straight side wall design which controls the animals while letting them stand in a comfortable stance.  The clean design of the Pearson Rancher Hydraulic Chute allows the chute to open to thirty inches top and bottom, facilitating ease of entry and exit for the animal.  The Rancher can be purchased with or without side exit gates, palpation doors, brisket skid or a power supply.

  • Rancher One with ONE side exit
  • Rancher Two with TWO side exits
  • The 'Rancher' has NO side exit

Dimensions for the Rancher Series Chutes........

    Overall Height 86.5' Open Width 30'
    Overall Width 44' Closed Width 9'
    Overall Length 8'9' Side Height 70.5'

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