Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze Chute



Work Safe, Work Smart, Work Efficiently with a Hi-Hog cattle chute Hi-Hog’s outstanding hydraulic cattle squeeze chute features simple, quick access to all parts of the animal from either side of the chute. For superior flow the headgate and tailgate open to the full width of the chute. The parallel design of the headgate will virtually eliminate choking. This is an excellent chute for the large cow/calf operation or a small feedlot. Funding is available in some Canadian Provinces through the ‘Growing Forward 2' program to help offset some of the costs on the purchase of a squeeze complete with neck extender.

Item #1563 - Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze with No Power Pack

  • Outside Length: 118 9/16'
  • Inside Length: 99'
  • Outside Height: 99 3/16'
  • Inside Clearance: 72 1/2'
  • Base Width: 40'
  • Inside Width at full width: 33'
  • Inside Width at minimum width: 12 1/2'
  • Weight: 2,035 lbs

Complete Chutes

  • Item #1556 - Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze with Electric Power Pack, 2100 lbs
  • Item #1566 - Hydraulic Cattle Squeeze with Gas Power Pack, 2100 lbs

Power Packs

  • Item #1559 - Electric Power Pack, 65 lbs
  • Item #1562 - Gas Power Pack, 65 lbs

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