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Hydraulic Scraper



The hydraulic scraper CRD , automatic mechanical reversing, fits in all stables for dairy or beef. It fits in either a groove or directly on existing masonry without specific planning.

POWERFUL AND ROBUST : its weight from 120 to 200 kg per meter, hydraulic scraper leads to a very large amount of manure, even pailleux.

THE FORCE OF HYDRAULIC : the hydraulic unit, to IP55 standards, can run up to 4 lanes.

MAXIMUM FITNESS : recessed or placed on concrete model for distance of 1 to 8 meters wide.

AUTO REVERSE : the end of the corridor, the dog alone switches mechanically, reversing the direction of travel of the scraper.

LIMIT SYSTEMS : 0/24 volts per switch or magnet detector.


CONTROL PANEL : manual or automatic tripping clock management possible with up to 4 lanes.

EVACUATION : automation of the evacuation is done according to the building's configuration, recovery, flush, spillway.

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