Hydraulic Tree Shaker



This tractor mounted attachment provides a quick and effective solution to removing fruit from trees without damage, a one-person operated machine, it is mounted on a tractor's 3-point linkage with the hydraulic drive being taken from the tractor’s power take-off shaft. The controls, which can be either cable or electrically operated, are located in the tractor cab and within easy reach of the operator to allow quick and efficient operation. Suitable for all types of tree and easy to use this machine can enable 200 or more trees to be shaken per hour.

  • Removes fruit from the tree without damage
  • One-person operation Ideal for all row widths
  • Configuration allows straight line operation      
  • Suitable for all tree types
  • Fruit removal rate of 200 trees or more per hour
  • Large output capacity capable of harvesting 150 tonnes / per day

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