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- Model 50/30° - Single-Double Wheel Ditchers for Hydraulic Arm



The Cosmeco rotary Single-double wheel ditchers have been designed and developed for many water management purposes, such as the excavation, maintenance or cleaning of collector ditches and furrows. Thanks to their rotors fitted with knives and plates, the soil is comminuted and removed, and can be thrown sideways at many meters away, or be placeded just beside the edge with the special adjustable hoods. The new created ditch proves to be clean and net, and let the water flush from unwanted areas or make it flow, distributing it along the irrigation net.

The single-double wheel ditchers for hydraulic arm sold by Cosmeco have been conceived in particular for ditches on the road sides, independently of the soil condition (dry or wet). The arm articulated extension (not supply by Cosmeco) allows the operator to work by remaining on the road carriageway while reaching with the ditcher the bottom of the channel, even when this is a lot farther or lower than the tractor level. The rotors rotating speed is however such that the removed soil is thrown over the ditch edge, leaving the section completely clean and renewed.

This ditcher is also equipped with a quick-hitch plate customised on the customer’s indications, to facilitate coupling to the hydraulic arm. Functioning takes places with an independent hydraulic circuit powered by a pump of at least 80l/min. and a 120 bar pressure.

Single-double wheel ditcher for hydraulic arm at work

Watch the video of our single-double wheel ditcher for hydraulic arm at work!

Technical Aspects:
  • The hydraulic arm is not supplied by Cosmeco
  • Hydraulic transmission
  • Adjustable depth by the hydraulic arm
  • Feed pump 80 l/m, pressure 120 Bar
Main Strenghts:
  • The hydraulic arm allows to work very externally to the tractor profile and on different levels
  • Good work quality even with a strong presence of residue deposited on the bottom
  • Adjustable hoods for removed soil management
  • The lightened frame doesn’t compromise the weight of the machine, even in the case of soil filling
Standard Equipment

200 cm3 hydraulic engine and hitching plate.

We also conceive and realize on demand bespoke solutions and projects: widened chassis, special lead angles, extra options not present among the standard ones, or particular equipments.

  • R.P.M.


  • Km/h

    0,6 - 1,0

  • Kg


  • Ditch maximum size

    A: 24, B: 75, C: 45

  • Wheel lead angle


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