- Model HRS 200 - Aqua Trax Drip Tape


In a world of heavy, abusive lawn equipment, only the tough survive. That’s why Hydro-Rain® set out to create the most rugged, durable spray head on the market—a head with a “bring it on” attitude and a body that can take whatever you throw at it. The HRS 200 is that spray head. Hands down, it’s the heaviest-duty product of its kind. The facts speak for themselves: the wide cap is made with almost 50% more material than the nearest competitor; the wiper seal is the industry’s largest; the body is made of ultra-strong ABS 709...and that’s just the beginning. Top to bottom, inside and out, this head sets a new standard for long-lasting reliability under even the harshest conditions and most punishing treatment—that means fewer call-backs and fewer replacements.


  • Blu-Lock®Enabled —Factory-installed Blu-Lock® elbows nozzles, available on select models, are ready to install on Blu-Lock® swing pipe out of the box.
  • Cat-track Grip Body Cap—Unique rib design and contour of cap promotes superior ergonomics for faster installation and quicker maintenance.
  • Pre-Installed Hydro-Rain®Flush Cap—Pull-tab “quick rip” design makes nozzle installation trouble-free. Just pull the tab, rip it off the stem and install the filter and nozzle.


  • Instant “To Green” Conversion—HRS-200-04-BL allows for an instant transition to Blu-Lock’s “Built for Green” pipe and fittings system. There is no need for toxic solvents or PVC.
  • Pressure Regulated Stem—PRHS models provide 30 PSI (2 BAR) to the nozzle, effectively preventing water wasting misting caused by unregulated high pressure.
  • Hydro-seal Prevents Run Off—PRHS models are equipped with a factory-installed check valve that prevents low head drainage.
  • Co-molded TPR, Pressure Activated Wiper Seal—Effectively reduces water waste by minimizing flow-by at system start-up.

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