- Model Dalzone - Double Raceway Aquaculture Recirculating System



Aquaculture Recirculating System composed of two raceways of 80m3 of water snaring the same filtration unit for an optimal environment to grow hot water species like Catfish and Tilapia as well as cold water species like Arctic Char and Rainbow Trout. This pre-fabricated steel panels fish tank is ideal for a quick installation and to avoid a high cost concrete work. Doubling up the traditional raceway To increase capacity and security.

  • Raceway Dimensions (x2): 2.0m x 29.0m
  • Raceway Depth; 1.5m
  • Raceway Water Volume: 80m3
  • Water Recirculated per hour: 240m3 / raceway
  • Percentage of new water added vs recirculation: 0.25%
  • Arctic Char Production Capacity: 25 tons / year / Dualzone
  • Tilapia Production Capacity: 50 tons / year / Dualzone
  • Catfish Production Capacity: 100 tons / year / Dualzone

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