- Oval Water Recirculating System



This Aquaculture Recirculating System composed of two curved raceways of 80m3 of water having their own filtration equipments in center of the unit for an optimal environment to grow hot water species like Catfish and Tilapia as well as cold water species like Arctic Char and Rainbow Trout.

Blending advantages of the raceway and the circular tank systems.
A great idea !

  • Raceway Dimensions (x2): 2.0m x 29.0m
  • Raceway Depth; 1.5m
  • Raceway Water Volume: 80m2
  • Water Recirculated per hour: 240m3 / raceway
  • Percentage of new water added vs recirculation: 0.25%
  • Arctic Char Production Capacity: 50 tons / year / Oval Unit
  • Tilapia Production Capacity: 106 tons / year / Oval Unit
  • Catfish Production Capacity: 218 tons / year / Oval Unit

  1. Gravity is used to start the recirculation process
  2. The vortex removes sludge from the entering water
  3. The drum filters remove the particles in suspension
  4. UV-filters kill bacteria and viruses
  5. Submerged biological filters remove ammonia and nitrites
  6. Oxygen and fresh water are added
  7. Pumps return the treated water to the fish tank

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