Hydrophilic Booster

It is a polymer that acts as a sponge and holds water (up to 1,000 times its weight) in the form in which it is easily available to plants. Unlike commercial products based on SAP (super absorbent polymer), which inhibit plant growth and have neurological toxicities (e.g., hydrogels based on acrylamide monomers), Skygel enhances the growth and germination of plants and is 100% eco-friendly.

It is a highly efficient soil modifier, which improves soil physical properties whilst acting as a water reservoir in plant available form for a long period.

The Hydrophilic booster presents an extremely cost-effective solution for efficient water and nutrient management in soils:

  • It acts as a water reservoir thus reduces the frequency of irrigation by more than a week.
  • It reduces the water and nutrient loss through percolation, runoff and evaporation thereby increasing water use efficiency in addition to reducing labor and maintenance costs associated with the watering and fertilizing plants.
  • It has a long-lasting effect and has quick rewetting ability in the soils even after completely drying out.
  • It advances and enhances seed germination and improves the survival rate of plants during establishment.
  • It optimizes soil conditions for root growth thereby results in quicker development of seedlings, vigorous growth and increased crop yield.
  • It makes cultivation of crops possible even in extreme conditions e.g. in hot arid climates with low soil moisture and poor soil fertility.
  • It overcomes the inhibitory effect of compaction on growth of roots thereby helping in better growth of plants.
  • It is environmentally friendly and compatible.

In soil, Skygel swells to gel particles and stores water and nutrients dissolved in it thus acts as a reservoir of water and nutrients in available form to plants. The stored water and nutrients are directly taken up by the fine root hairs of plants that grow in the gel particles. Resultantly the hydrophilic booster not only makes water available to plants for a much longer duration, but also prevents losses through percolation, evaporation and surface runoff.

  • Decreases water consumption by 50-90%.
  • Increases the growth and yield by 20-57%.
  • Increases plant vigor.
  • Enhances and advances seed germination.
  • Helps in reducing diseases and prevents soil erosion, which in turn prevents pollution of water bodies like lakes, rivers etc.
  • Reduces leaching of water and fertilizers thereby reduces labor and maintenance costs associated with watering and fertilizing plants.
  • Has a long lasting effect and has ability of repeated water absorption thus makes it very cost effective for long-term maintenance.

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