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- Natural Microbial Growth Supression


HydroStat™ refers to a broad range of natural microbial growth suppression reagents, developed to inhibit the growth in liquid formulations and provide a safe product that does not cause unwanted vertebrate and invertebrate complications.

 HydroStat™ organic and inorganic products are active against a wide range of nuisance gram (gram-negative, gram-positive), yeast and mold organisms, and exhibit broad protection at very low use levels.

Some uses for HydroStat™ family are:

  • Used in the protective coating of plant seeds, potato pieces, and handling equipment
  • Used in the preservation of native flowers
  • A microbial stabilizer for organic based samples
  • Plant culturing to control non-target growth

HydroStat™ is simple to apply in either concentrated or dilute form in all applications.

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