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- Model HYM40P - Petrol Powered Push Rotary Lawnmower



The new Hyundai HYM40P push rotary lawnmower has a 16in (400mm) cutting width, making it a fine choice for those with smaller lawns, narrow pathways and awkward access areas to maintain. The rotary cutting action gives the mower the ability to cut short or lengthier grass in most conditions without clogging. For best results, set the cutting height so you are not trying to cut off too much grass in one go. No more than one-third of the sward’s overall length per session is about right to avoid stressing your grass or the user.

Compact dimensions and low weight promote easy handling and excellent maneuverability, minimising fatigue and making the mower suitable for extended use by all responsible users. Powered by a four-stroke petrol engine developing 2.7hp (2kW), the HYM40P delivers ample power for its cutting width with low levels of noise and fuel consumption.

We are confident that you will find the Hyundai HYM40P mower economical to own and a pleasure to set-up and use, enhanced by a central three-stage cutting height adjuster, large capacity grass collector and foldable handles for compact stow-away storage at the end of a mowing session or the season. For detailed technical information on the Hyundai HYM40P push lawnmower, please click on the Specifications tab above.

  • Push-type mower with 16in (400mm) cutting width
  • Recommended for lawns measuring up to 90 sq metres (around half the total area of a grass tennis court)
  • 3hp (2kW) four stroke, recoil start petrol engine
  • Three-stage centralised cutting height adjustment
  • Durable polypropylene deck
  • Low all-up weight and compact dimensions

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