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Model I-BAN - Work Benches


The I-ban systems are designed for maximum performance of the work to plants, which must be manually done. This is a system with individual work stations connected to a system of conveyor belts. These belts produce a flow of products to and from the staff. These systems are primarily used for grafting and manual cutting operations. Each work station is served by three belts, placed one above the other, a flow of products (work) to the direction of the workstations and a flow of products (processed) to the same output. With grafting one of the conveyor belts is supplied for rootstocks, and the other for tops, the end product is being run on the third conveyor belt. The employee can therefore easily work without leaving their position. At a central location, the supervisor put the tray in and out of the system. This supervisor serves approximately 12 people.

  • Bench dimensions (mm): 1400 x 1000 x 800 h
  • Conveyor belt legnht (mm): 12,000
  • Pneumatic (bar): 6
  • Installed power (kW): 1.5
  • Power supply: 380 V + neutro
  • Lighting: at each station
  • Socket: 220 V at each workstation
  • Audio: Reproductor de radio-CD del sistema

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