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Model I-MBAL - Packaging Machine


Using the I-Mbal, we have focused on reducing the cost of shipping in not overhanging plants in polystyrene trays (vegetables or flowers). With this system, you do not need trolleys but bind with tape the trays to 4 aluminum post on each corner and make it into a very ridged pile of trays that can be transported easily. On location the tape is removed and trays can be used. The distance between the trays is very easy to vary, depending on the height of the plants. The length of the posts correspond to the internal height of the truck and gives optimal load. The trays are manually placed in the machine at the corners with metal uprights and hold together with tape.

Capacity: about 50 trays per hour
Machine dimensions: 3500 x 1200 mm x H 1625 Closed
Open machine dimensions: 4300 x 1400 mm x H 3125 opened
Maximum size of container: 500 x 330 mm
Power: 5 kW - 400 V

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