Model I/O - Outputs Modules



Argus I/O Modules have addressable connectors for automated equipment control signals. Any combination of Argus Output Relay Boards can be connected to provide control signals that are precisely matched to the controlled equipment. Depending on the application, each I/O Module can operate between 4 and 32 discreet outputs.

Features Include:

  • Output relay signals are matched to your equipment configuration.
  • Configuration settings in the controller software provide for precision calibration of each output.
  • All output control is designed to operate as Class-2 low-voltage equipment. This reduces wiring costs (and you can do it yourself) and is compatible with most greenhouse control equipment. Low-voltage wiring (24V, AC) is also safe, allowing you to safely use the on-board manual overrides in emergencies.
  • Connectors on the I/O Module Backplane provide for simple configuration of output signals by using different types of plug-in Output Relay Boards. These boards include the appropriate field wire terminations, status indicators lights, and manual overrides.

Output Signal Types Include:

  • Digital Control - This includes standard ON/OFF control as well as special relays for two-speed devices and equipment that is operated by high or low frequency digital pulsing strategies such as pulse width modulation and pulse period modulation. Form 'A' and Form 'C' contactors are available. For simple digital applications such as irrigation valves, special relay boards are available to increase the number of addressable On/Off outputs to 32 per I/O module.
  • Tri-State Floating Control - These relays provide safe, proportional, reversing motor control for equipment such as roof motorized vents, louvers, and shade curtains.
  • Analog Control - Argus provides special analog output relays for equipment that requires variable current, voltage, or frequency signals.

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