- Model NTD - Tomato Harvester



The I-Star Tomato Harvester is the rst machine designed to work with bedded and at cultured tomatoes. The ground clearance and tire size allows the machine to be used on beds as other CTM machines. The side shift feature, oatation header and location of front gage wheels allows the machine to work in at cultured and muddy conditions.

Improved Design
The I-Star Tomato Harvester utilizes a straight through material ow for gathering, separating, shaking, cleaning and sorting of processing tomatoes. The No-Turn Design provides an improved uniformity of fruit ow allowing for more ecient cleaning and optical sorting with reduced fruit damage.

Fewer Parts
This revolutionary cost-eective design reduces the number of conveyors by 30%, providing benets in simplied machine cleaning, servicing, and reductions in annual overhaul costs.

Harvester Features
The I-Star machine comes with a center pivot header and independent gage wheel control. Header oatation wheels and a comb pickup provide the best possible solution for picking in wet and dicult conditions. Optional devices include turning discs, sickle and a rod weeder. The front end of the I-Star is unlike anything seen before on a California machine. The dirt systems available with the I-Star include mechanical or electronic dirt systems. The sort system in the back of the machine allows for ve hand sorters and optional cull systems. The customer chooses how to handle the green tomato culls left by the sorter. Flexibility in the sorting system is what the I-Star delivers.

The I-Star Tomato Harvester is designed specically to perform with the highest level of reliability. The reliability is based on high quality parts and sound manufacturing practices.


  • Engine: John Deere 6068HF285,
  • TIER-3-173HP (129KW) @2200RPM,
  • Drive: Hydrostatic with 4 drive motors & 2 speed ranges
  • Speed: 0 to 14 MPH variable both forward and reverse
  • Shaker System: 3-weight
  • Tires: 1300R24 Radial XGLA2
  • Frame: 16” side shift, pivot front and rear axles
  • for frame leveling
  • Color Sorting: One 48-channel electronic sorter
  • Independent Gage Wheel Control
  • Center Pivot Floatation Header
  • Fluid Capacities:
    • Fuel: 92.2 Gallons
    • Hydraulic Oil : 82.5 Gallons
    • Coolant: 8 Gallons Total
    • Engine Crankcase: 33.75 Quarts
  • Electrical System:
    • Alternator: 160 Amp
    • Electrical Supply: 12 Volt D.C.
    • Terminal Ground: Negative
    • Battery: 1,000 cca
  • Personnel:
    • Driver: 1
    • Sorters: 5 Maximum


  • One Way 16 Channel Cull Sorter (elec)
  • One Way 24 Channel Dirt Sorter (elec)
  • Two Way 24 Channel Dirt Sorter (elec)
  • Disc Pickup, Rod Weeder, Sickle Cutting
  • Color Sort Machine Leveling
  • Wheel Motor – Heavy Duty, 2 Speed
  • Elevator Extension
  • Header Floatation Wheels
  • or Comb Pickup Device

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