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Ice Mini-Silos



The flake ice silos manufactured by ALI Meccanica are synonymous with efficiency and absolute reliability. Flake ice silos are machines that have to operate in a range of different conditions, as they are one of the parts of a system that must not malfunction (fishing or process chemistry sectors). The main characteristic of our SILOS and MINISILOS for the storage and automatic extraction of ice is undoubtedly that of being able to extract the ice on a first-in/ first-out basis.

The sturdiness (in galvanised or stainless steel) and reliability of A.L.I. silos makes it possible to extract the ice in even the very harshest conditions, thanks to the electromechanical safety systems adopted and the electrical heaters installed. Any blocks and/or layers of hardened ice that may form inside the silo are therefore easily removed: this means that the ice can be kept inside the container for an unlimited time.

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