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Model iCut4 - Slope Mower


It’s now 4 years since viable remote control slope mowers made an appearance in the market so you could say that Italian company Ferri have been slow off the mark. But they have looked at the performance of 3 cylinder machines, and re-designed the concept from the ground up, subsequently launching the 4 cylinder 50 Hp diesel engine iCut4 as the next generation of these highly versatile machines.

UK importer Pro Mach Environmental is currently demonstrating the new machine to amenity contractors, internal drainage boards and Environment Agency.

Those seeing the iCut4 in action are universally impressed with its unique hydraulic floating flail head system which allows the operator to follow the contour of the terrain, avoiding the common risk of the flail head getting stuck on the ground.

Operators also appreciate the new model’s direction track control achieved by the use of 2 joysticks combined with a flow sharing distributor which controls the hydraulic flow to the individual tracks. This ensures consistently smooth and easy directional control without constant correction.

The intuitive control box visualising operations step by step and has an effective range of 150 yards.

At the end of the day it is overall performance that will ensure the market’s take up of the iCut4 and this starts with its 4 cylinder engine providing added power to tackle slopes and difficult terrain with a surprising low level of noise. It is also securely mounted to minimise vibration. A large area radiator keeps iCut4 cool in challenging conditions. Access to the engine and all pipe work is very good thanks to two wide opening covers.

The flail head oil priority control has proven effective and constant oil temperature is maintained while working.

iCut4’s sure footedness on slopes up to 60 degrees is also aided by its extra weight and expandable tracks from 1.32m down to 1.02m for restricted sites where access is further assisted by a tilting/locking flail head.

The iCut4 is available in two configurations: FLEX with expandable tracks and STANDARD with fixed tracks. A generous gap between the engine and tracks avoids vegetation blockages. Tests have shown tracks stay in place no matter what the ground conditions.

Current attachments: Universal blade, brush, rotovator, stump grinder, trencher, sprayer, snow blower and chipper.

Ferri see the new iCut4 as the most powerful, remote control slope mower in its category, providing top performance in the most challenging ground conditions. It’s ideal for embankments, riverbanks, parks, wind farms and sport facilities. Optional extras include heavy duty hammers for gorse and heavy shrub clearance.

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