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Model ID25 - Isolated Single-chamber Drinker



Isolated single-chamber drinker with a capacity of 25 liters. It is made of high quality polyethylene, ideal for loose housing barns and pastures. It works just like a thermos. Double walls of a drinker are insolated by polyurethane foam so that the water is effectively protected from freezing even at a temperature of - 30 ° C. In summer heats water in the drinker does not heat up too much.

Drinker is equipped with an easy to open lid. Two round balls are closing the lid, isolating it and preventing from contaminating the water.

The float valve in the dispensers allows water level regulation. Supply of water from underneath to the drinker is transferred by steel braided hose ½ inch. Kit includes lagging insulation for water pipe.

Istalation is based on concrete basis. Easy cleaning due to high-diameter drain valves. It is possible to install water heating system.

  • hardy, effective to -30 degrees C
  • water is not heated during the summer
  • easy cleaning

  • length : 620 mm
  • width : 560 mm
  • height : 350 mm
  • capacity : 25 l
  • number of cells :
  • staff : 15-20 cattle
  • colors :

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