- Model EVO-Hydro - Silopress



Ideal for large farms, Cuma (farming cooperatives) and E.T.A. (farms), the Idass EVO-HYDRO silopress provides users with a complete service for breeders (harvesting, transformation and storage), allows harvesting to be started earlier in the season and can save sprouted cereal crops.


Each IDASS EVO-HYDRO silopress is equipped with a threshing drum module as standard, including two bars with a diameter of 272 mm and small teeth for cereal crops, a mechanical drive system for one bar and a hydraulic drive system for the second bar, a solid frame including a turret with 300° oscillation with an integrated hydraulic feed auger (patented), an axle with wheels with brakes, lights for road use, a mechanical support leg, a bag holder, a 5-foot tunnel (+/- 1m52), with a holder and an opening cover.

  • Ideally balanced and compact, the EVO-HYDRO Silopress follows right on behind the tractor during displacement.


The IDASS EVO-HYDRO SILOPRESS is simple and robust, allowing breeders to maintain a stock of inert grains ready for use for improved digestibility and food efficiency; guaranteeing traceability and rationing for farm produce; while limiting risks relating to bad weather (early harvesting), etc.

Store your inert feed, whatever its condition, and save on drying, transport and handling costs
With the new robust and effective EVO-HYDRO Silopress designed with and for E.T.A. (farms), ensure your project is a success and stay on budget.

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