SAC’s new milking place unit – MDS SACCOMATIC IDC – lives up to SAC’s aim of creating a simple and clear work place, where the milker can concentrate on performing a good and consistent milking routine that ensures quality milk from healthy cows.

Common sense
Behind the IDC surface there is technology and knowhow that is rooted in the cow’s anatomy. This technology makes use of the most recent advances in parametric construction, industrial real-time communication systems, advanced sensor technology, micro processor based prints and not least a good portion of practical common sense and experience.

The MDS SACCOMATIC IDC contains the most up-to-date
opportunities for completing quick and gentle milking of the cow,
goat or sheep without putting unnecessary strain on the milker.

The IDC consists of a unit containing the following functions:

  • Pulsator
  • Cascade pulsation
  • Flow-controlled stimulation pulsation
  • Automatic control of correct pulsation in the milker assembly
  • Cluster remover
  • Stop of pulsator with teat liner in open position at removal
  • Blockage of milk vacuum
  • Milk meter (conductivity) at gland level
  • Temperature measurement
  • Handfree start function at knee switch
  • Start function when attaching clusters
  • Graphic display
  • Alarm diode for temperature display and conductivity alarms
  • Large alarm diode for display of faulty milking

IDC: advanced with few moving parts
The IDC unit is built very advanced and only contains few moving parts, which means that it is fast and easy to service.

The product is always extendable, which means that a stand alone IDC-system is extendable with cow-identification and management system.

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