Model IEC 61984 - Industrial Pluggable Connectors



The universal pluggable connection system from WAGO. For wire sizes of 0.08–10 mm² and a huge selection of different versions in 8 different connector product families (MCS: MICRO, MINI, MINI HD, MINI SL, MIDI, MIDI CLASSIC, MAXI as well as picoMAX®).

For conductors ranging from 0.08 to 10 mm², the MULTI CONNECTION SYSTEM (MCS) provides all prerequisites for continuous system wiring. MCS is now available in 7 versions - all matched to different requirements. Single-row and double-row designs, ultra-flat and extremely compact, with the cross section and performance of the sizes also tailored to suit. Versions equipped with integrated push-buttons allow for easy and reliable conductor termination without requiring specialty tools.

The CAGE CLAMP-equipped MCS is the only connection system that offers 2 operating directions for opening the clamping point. This permits easy cable pre-assembly and wiring the connectors while mated. Other versions include MCS and picoMAX connectors equipped with Push-in CAGE CLAMP connection, allowing simple push-in termination of solid or ferruled conductors. Both of these spring clamp technologies provide quick, vibration-proof and maintenance-free clamping. Depending on the version, these systems are equipped with male and/or female connectors.

The picoMAX pluggable connection system makes double use of the contact force of a single Cr-Ni stainless steel spring: For clamping the conductor and connecting the header pin. This makes picoMAX much more compact than usual pluggable connection systems.

MCS and the picoMAX pluggable connection system are versatile: as PCB connectors, feedthrough connectors, as flying connections for different types of installation, as connectors on rail-mounted terminal blocks.

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