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Natural-climate outdoor housing is ideal for calves, and the H&L Igloo is the perfect solution. But the igloo is not complete until it is combined with a roofed exercise area. Whether with a fixed roof or mobile one in the form of the Igloo Veranda, the calves always benefit from optimal access to fresh air while having shelter from inclement weather at the same time. 
And it is not only the calves that appreciate the protected work environment, you, your employees and family will, too. In addition, feed stocks and bedding remain dry. 
Mobility means flexibility, which is not only a benefit of the Igloo Veranda when it comes to mucking out, but also advantageous if you expand your farm, since the calf housing can be easily relocated. Check out the advantages of this innovative and affordable concept.

Focus on Animal Welfare and Wellbeing

An animal can only perform well if it is healthy and comfortable. Nowhere is this principle more true than when rearing young calves.

Two-area Principle – the Calf Decides

Practical experience has demonstrated that it is best to establish separate resting, activity and feeding areas in the calf pen. This way, resting calves are not disturbed by active calves playing or running around. In the Igloo Veranda, the calf decides which area it prefers to be in: either in the protected, draught-free igloo or out in the fresh air in the covered exercise, resting or feeding area.

Weather Protection for People and Animals

The fresh air area for the calves is large and covered, and with the spacious H&L Igloo, you can offer up to 15 calves a draught-free, yet well-ventilated shelter. And, of course, that also means your work environment is protected from the rain, too.

Ample Space and Movement

The H&L Igloo Veranda consists of a resting area 5 x 5 m in size, also called the basic set-up. Together with the area in the Igloo, the calves have a total of 2.8 m² of space to rest, eat and romp around in. That is almost twice the amount of room that is legally required in the EU. The optional roof, 7 x 7.5 m in size, offers optimum protection against precipitation and excessive sunlight. Upon request, it can be extended to a width of 8 m.

Easy & Economical

When the healthiest calves come from the most cost-efficient calf pen, which is also very easy to manage, then the decision has actually already been made: for the H&L Igloo Veranda!

Mucking Out Made Easy

The igloo and veranda are easily transported using a front loader. The calves remain locked in the veranda and move with it to their new “residence”. Whether on a silage bed in the summer or in front of the machinery shed in the winter, you’ll always find a space for the H&L Igloo Veranda. If you relocate the veranda every time you muck out, the calves always move to a new, clean location with low bacteria levels. UV rays, fresh air and rain are natural disinfectants.

Low Investment Costs

Conventional calf pens require expensive, complex barn designs and ventilation systems. We recommend foregoing all that and using the Igloo Veranda, with its exercise area and protected micro-climatic shelter, instead. This solution is up to 70% less expensive than traditional calf barns!

Each of the 14 feeding places is equipped with a special safety feeding fence. It is impossible for the calves to be accidentally caught in it. Side and front feed fencing segments are flexibly interchangeable! Stainless steel tilting troughs are supplied as standard equipment in the feeding area. Optionally, nursing teat buckets and standard drinking buckets can also be used. The Igloo Veranda is therefore ideally suitable for feeding calves with the Milk Taxi.

  • 2 H&L safety feeding fences, each with 7 feeding places
  • 2 Stainless steel tilting troughs
  • 1 transport hook for front loader
  • Installation option for H&L feeding stall
Options Expansion Options
  • Roof with rain pipe, dimensions 7 x 7.5 m or (upon request) 8 x 7.5 m
  • Nursing teat bucket support
  • Bucket holder (rings)
  • Hay rack
  • Concentrate feed dispenser
  • Large bedding gate (width: 2.44 m)

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