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- Clone Multiplexer


This is a unit that connects to old existing temperature monitoring systems. It is a 'bridge' between thos old sensor cables and our iGRAIN MANAGER software. The unit 'translates' those sensor readings into our digital format. The unit also calculates the efficiency of old sensor cables. Wireless connection is possible.

This is the MULTIPLEXER that interfaces to any existing temperature system installed. Most frequeantly we connect via the /GRAIN WIRELESS in order to avoid direct electrical connection to 'foreign'systems. In the /GRAIN MANAGER software you can watch the incoming data from the 'foreign' system, and evaluate the quality of the measurements. This enables the user to successively phase out redundant systems.
These are special communication devices tailored to pick-up information from sensors already installed in a silo (normally temperature monitoring systems). Modules for almost all brands are available. These units 'read' the sensory data from old thermocouple system. This data is formatted for the /GRAIN MANAGER software and communicated to the /GRAIN SERVER.

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