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This is our famous BIN MONITORING SOFTWARE. It integrates with all our bin monitoring units, and gives the user an EASY OVERVIEW of his stored crop condition. The data are presented in in easy DASH BOARD formats for various uses: Management, Operational staff, Quality Control etc. You wont get an easier way to monitor your stored crops. All information comes in both technical and “interpreted” formats.

Corporate overview

  • Multi storage sites
  • Breakdown to each site
  • Breakdown to each bin
  • Breakdown to each commodity
  • Much faster value assessment than “accounting” can provide

Management advantages

  • Management transparency
  • Operational manager overview
  • Instant notification of any problems
  • Unique gateway options
  • Automatically generated suggestions for consideration
  • iGRAIN Smart Phone Application

Corporate management dashboard

  • Grain condition (temperature, moisture) classification
  • Design your own classification parameteres, or use default standards
  • Conditions monitoring: SAFE, LOW ALERT, HIGH ALERT,ALARM
  • Breakdown on sites, commodity types and more
  • Inventory dashboard, online, and breakdown to single bins
  • Trend curves for volume and quality, breakdown to single bins

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