Model II - Charm Aflatoxin M1 Tests



Charm offers 2 versions of its Charm II Aflatoxin M1 Test to meet different governmental regulatory levels for residues in milk. The T-CATMRL test offers sensitivity of 0.025 ppb to meet EU and international regulations. The T-CATM version has a sensitivity level of 0.25 ppb with 0.5 ppb in confirmation to match US Safe Levels.

  • Detect aflatoxin M1 at 0.025 ppb or 0.25 ppb
  • 15 minute assay time
  • No preparation time for milk
  • 5 ml sample size
  • Cross-reacts with aflatoxin M2
  • Run up to 6 samples at one time

The Charm II Aflatoxin Test uses a binding reagent with specific receptor sites that bind aflatoxin M1. The binder is added to a sample along with an exempt amount of labeled aflatoxin M1 (tracer). Any aflatoxin in the sample competes for the binding sites with this tracer. The amount of tracer that binds to the receptor sites is measured and compared to a previously determined Control Point. The Control Point is the cutoff point between a negative or positive sample. The greater the amount of tracer measured, the lower the aflatoxin concentration in the sample. The smaller the amount of tracer measured the greater the aflatoxin concentration in the sample.

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