Model II - Top Mulch Cultivator



Specific soil loosener with an aggressive penetration in all kind of soils. Powerful, high level of finishing thanks to the rotoclean. Thanks to the shape of its tines and an important ground clearance under the frame, the TOP MULCH is an excellent superficial cultivator, which will boost the surface, mixing intensively plant debris with the soil. The aggressive coulters allow an easy penetration in any kind of soil with a reasonable need of power. You carry out a pseudo-ploughing. It’s also in balance with the the ploughing an the rough seed-bed preparation. A levelling discs row complete the work of the tines.

Two solutions are suggested to you to pack down the soil : the bar roller and the ROTOCLEAN.

The ROTOCLEAN is a Franquet exclusive patent.  Is has a high level of finishing. Made of a coil roller with cross-bars, it cleans itself by means of a round inner bar held in place by adjustable pliers. It’s a perfect solution that adapts itself to a wide range of applications offered by the TOP MULCH.

A comb harrows row allows to provide a perfectly homogeneous surface, in particular when there are many straw residue.


Non-stop suspensions associated with tines (type TOP MULCH) make it aggressive in all conditions.


AUTOCLEAN roller made of one coil and welded tubes outside. A round bar held in place inside by means of adjustable pliers to break up soil clods in an intensive way.


The combs row allows an excellent mulching following the action of the ROTOCLEAN.


The levelling discs level out the cultivator’s work before the roller’s action. They are easily adjustable by means of a dowel pin.

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