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Model IK-1D - Single Row Sieve Potato Digger



The single row sieve digger is suitable for digging out potato, onion and other crops on a land with an inclination of up to 12%.

Number of rows  1
Performance (ha/h)  0,25
Operational speed  (km/h)  3
PTO speed (min-1)  540
Opening of plough heads  (cm)  45
Machine dimensions  (cm)  150 x 170 x 110
Tractor power (kW)  22 - 40
Tractor power (HP)  30 - 55
Machine weight (kg)  234

  • The two disks cut off the green top of the tuber, the plough head then undercuts the potato ridge, and transports it to the sieve.
  • On two opposite-moving sieves which speed of vibrations can be set, the soil is sieved, and the cleaned potatoes are deposited in a narrow row alongside the machine. This method of disposal does not damage the tubers.

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