- Model 47 Series - Rotary Spader



The Imants rotary spader is a power take off (pto) drive machine, this action results in a cultivator which literally powers itself through the soil. The advantage of this system is the absolute minimal risk of wheel slip or smearing under wet soil conditions. The ability to mix and blend, is a huge advantage when it comes to incorporating stubble and previous crop residues, as well as large quantities of compost, slurry, manure and other organic materials. This guarantees an ideal environment for fast consistent germination maximum plant establishment and optimum uptake of mutrients. When fitted with a rear mounted seed drill, the rotary spader is transformed into a true one-pass ciltivator/seeder suitable for tractors rated at approx. 140hp. This enables the machine to perform promary and secondary cultivation and seed sowing in one efficient operation. This leads to a capacity of 1.5 hectare per hour, with a very low fuel consumption.

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